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Claim: Sarah Palin has nothing to do with the Alaska Independence Party
Truth: Sarah Palin has been closely associated for 14 years with these people who want Alaska to secede from the United States
Truth: Todd Palin was a registered member of the AIP from 1995-2002

Joe Vogler, The founder of the AIP once said, "The fires of Hell are glaciers compared to my hate for the American Government, and I won't be buried under their damned flag!" Listen to the audio in the following clip for yourself:



The Alaska Independence Party was established to challenge the legitimacy of Alaska becoming a part of the United States, and it still exists today with the goal of making Alaska into a separate country, so that the state can charge the US market higher prices for its oil (note that in 2007 Alaska got more money in earmarks from the US government than any other state--but that's another article).



Sarah Palin's husband Todd was a registered member of this party from 1995-2002, and Palin herself attended their 1994 and 2006 conventions, and even as governor she recorded a welcome message for their 2008 convention.

In this interview with Todd Palin by Fox News, Todd seems to make it pretty clear that he consideres "Alaskans" and "Americans" to be two different things. From 3:43 - 3:00 (it counts down), he answers a question and pretty clearly seems to separate "Alaskan families" from "American families"

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